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  • free banana guy Political Leaders and Their Management Styles - The media is alwasy full of  anecdotes and information about what our top politicans are up to but what are they really like and what must it be like to work for them, day in and day out? Can you imagine being Donald Trump’s PR Manager?  Have you ever wondered what it must be like
  • waitingforphone How to handle being ghosted after a job interview -     So, you’ve just come out of a job interview and you’re feeling pretty positive and upbeat. You spent hours preparing – thinking of suitable examples of when you’ve been a brilliant team-player, gone above and beyond what was asked of you, demonstrated your flexible attitude and a short list of all your supposed
  • free men working Improving Health and Safety Through Emotional Resilience - Life in the 21st century is pretty full on and we all experience pressure from a range of sources e.g. from our work lives, from our home lives and from our own expectations and aspirations.  When the level of pressure exceeds our ability to cope, however, we become stressed and it has a negative impact
  • free stressed frog MANAGING MENTAL HEALTH: THE WEAKEST LINK - I was recently at a client’s premises to help them with the implementation of their wellbeing strategy..  I got talking to Laura (a manager) about managing mental health. She told me a story about a staff member called Phil, that she inherited from another manager. Phil had a mental health condition, which the previous manager
  • article 2 ‘Managing the Psychological Aspects of Risk’ - The issue of risk in project management is a crucial one but little account is taken of the unique contribution that people’s individual differences play in the management of risk. Research carried out to date has demonstrated that individual personality plays a part in the extent to which we are risk takers or risk averse.
  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS - Many projects encounter difficult project relationships but techniques from positive psychology offer a new way of designing and delivering projects in a way that facilitates positive emotions and good relationships. Positive Psychology provides some well researched, evidenced based techniques that you can use to increase the chances of your project being successful. According to Seligman,
  • article WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF HAVING DIFFICULT STAKEHOLDERS? - Working with difficult stakeholders increases the stress levels of the project manager and the project team. It can also create more work, in having to chase up difficult stakeholders and invest time in trying to encourage them to contribute their element of the project plan. These consequences are bad enough but it can get much
  • 480284611-2 MANAGING DIFFICULT STAKEHOLDERS -  We have all experienced them haven’t we, the stakeholder who is always negative about every aspect of the project or those stakeholders who just fail to deliver their elements of the project plan? Equally, there are those stakeholders who are downright unpleasant or even hostile. Take a look at why stakeholders can sometimes appear difficult
  • Success “Are Women Better Leaders than Men?” - Research into leadership styles suggests that we are moving towards a more ‘Transformational’ style which emphasis emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Meanwhile, some studies have found that women have an advantage over men when it comes to the emotional aspects of leadership. Does this mean that women are naturally good at transformational leadership? If so, then “why are women still under-represented
  • free darth vader2 You Don’t Have to Be Darth Vader to Have a Dark Side! - Are your personality strengths getting in the way of you getting on? Are you a good performer who feels capable of greater things but just can’t seem to get to that next level?  Do you sometimes wish that you could behave differently in the workplace or manage relationships better? There is a fine line between

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