articleWorking with difficult stakeholders increases the stress levels of the project manager and the project team. It can also create more work, in having to chase up difficult stakeholders and invest time in trying to encourage them to contribute their element of the project plan. These consequences are bad enough but it can get much worse than this. A couple of years ago, I was contacted by a global construction company who were working in partnership with a local authority to deliver a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) build. There had been some tensions between the Construction Company and the Local Authority and by the time that they brought me in, there had been a total relationship breakdown which meant that no work was progressing and the plant was standing idle, at great cost. The moral of this tale then is that difficult stakeholders need to be effectively managed from the outset and on an ongoing basis.

This article, published in PMWorld Journal looks at why stakeholders can appear difficult and what you can do to: manage them more effectively, promote harmonious project relationships and manage those stakeholder relationships that are already difficult. http://pmworldjournal.net/article/managing-difficult-stakeholders/”>Read more here: