Improving Productivity Via Wellbeing

Improving productivity does not have to be about buying in new and complicated technology. It does not have to involve extensive process redesign and systems thinking approaches. There are small changes that you can make within your organisation that will improve productivity by reducing some of the factors that have a negative impact on your productivity levels.  You are probably already aware of some of the technical factors that impact on your productivity but how much do you know about the ‘people’ factors that are affecting your productivity?

Research by the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health suggests that stress, anxiety and depression reduce productivity and cost UK employers around £24 billion per year, which equates to around £1000 per employee per year.

At any point in time, 20% of the UK workforce will be experiencing mental ill health (if you include drug and alcohol issues). As a ball park figure, this means that a small organisation with around 50 workers will be paying costs of around £50,000 per year, because of mental health conditions.

These Costs Can be Reduced and Productivity Increased.

Investing a small amount of money in improving Wellbeing can reduce some of the above losses and increase your productivity. In addition, the research shows that investing in wellbeing also improves staff Engagement. There are a whole range of possible wellbeing interventions that you could use to improve productivity, depending on what you already have in place and the types of wellbeing issues that you may be experiencing within your organisation.

Cognoscenti Business Psychologists Ltd

Cognoscenti Business Psychologists are experts in Wellbeing and related issues such as Engagement/Leadership etc.  We can help you identify the right wellbeing levers to use to increase productivity and save costs. We offer consultancy in all aspects of wellbeing. We also offer training in areas such as: Mental Health Awareness, Managing Mental Health in the Workplace, Resilient Leadership, Emotional Resilience training. Mindfulness for Business, Mental Health Champions etc.


Who We Work With

We have worked with organisations across all three sectors, to improve wellbeing and reduce the costs of lost productivity.  We have helped: the BBC, Santander, various NHS Trusts, ATL (the Teachers Union), New Charter Housing Trust, Torus Group, Vita Group. The Houses of Parliament, Rolls Royce etc.


Next Steps

We believe that investing in Wellbeing is a no- brainer, in that, if you take no action to improve wellbeing, it will cost you money every year, in sickness absence and reduced productivity. We can help you reduce these costs and maybe gain an edge over your competitors. Call me on 0161 344 5492 or email me on:, for a no-obligation chat.