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  • freemoneywellspent THE BUSINESS CASE FOR WELLBEING - Reduced wellbeing in organisations has serious consequences for both the individuals within the organisation and the organisation itself.  When individuals experience reduced wellbeing, they experience a variety of mental and physical symptoms e.g.: Feeling fatigued and overwhelmed Experiencing aches and pains Feeling irritated Low in mood Having less patience Lower confidence levels. Impaired memory Experiencing
  • free energy THRIVING OR JUST SURVIVING - Pressure and performance Life in the 21st century is pretty full-on and we all experience stress from a range of sources e.g. from our work lives, from our home lives and from our own expectations and aspirations.  Pressure can be a good thing, in that, we all need a certain amount of pressure to motivate
  • free powerposing AVOID RECRUITING PEOPLE WHO GO OFF WITH STRESS - A large public sector client recently asked me if I could design a training programme to help them avoid recruiting people who go off with stress. What Was the Problem with This Request? There are various reasons as to why individuals may fail to perform well in a job and one of those reasons concerns
  • free challenge Performance Appraisal Encourages a ‘Fixed’ Mind-Set - Performance appraisals are carried out with differing degrees of success across organisations but they tend to follow the same formula. Employees are assessed on an annual/twice per year, basis against competencies agreed at the start of the financial year. This type of appraisal reflects a fixed mind-set approach and is likely to facilitate ‘Fixed Mind-Set
  • free entreprenur Depression and Entrepreneurs: The Downside of Being Up (Video) -   If you would prefer to watch the video rather than read the content of this blog, please click on the title:    I attended a ‘Fearless Talks’ event last week, where Entrepreneurs (including our very own Andy Hall from Business Growth Hub) talked about their experiences of mental health issues. This event offered a
  • change Psychometric Testing Event - If you or your organisation use psychometric tests or are thinking of doing so, then you should attend this unique event. Join The ‘Chartered Institute of People and Development’ (CIPD), The British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) for more Psychologists than you can shake a stick at. Organised by Sharon
  • free brexit BREXIT GOT A WOMAN TO THE TOP -   It may have divided the country but Brexit got a woman to the top. Is anyone surprised that in these times of division and dissent following the Brexit vote, we appear to be in a position where we have a female Prime Minister again?   We have only ever had one female Prime Minister before
  • wellbeing-image-1 Using Mindfulness to Improve Business - What is ‘Mindfulness’? Mindfulness originated from Eastern philosophy and is a series of techniques that train our minds to focus on the present moment, non-judgementally and with purpose. There is research evidence linking mindfulness with higher levels of wellbeing, confidence, resilience and clarity. Mindfulness has also been demonstrated to improve decision making and communication. Download
  • blog What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently? - My observations of successful entrepreneurs and the research that I have carried out has led me to write this article, emphasising the attitudes and behaviours that I think differentiate successful entrepreneurs from the average person.  Do these behaviours and attitudes strike a chord with you or have you observed additional things? Entrepreneurs are important because

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